Custom tattooing by Dan Bertram

   Hello and thank you for your interest in my tattooing.  Here are a few tips about my booking process..


   ** My current rate for tattooing is $175/hr plus 5% GST. 


   ** A non-refundable deposit will be required at consultation if you wish to secure time in my schedule for tattooing.


   ** My current work schedule is Thursday-Sunday 11 am - 6pm. I will not be available for work related communication outside of these hours. All requests placed on my days off will be reviewed upon my return each week.

   ** Preferred projects are larger scale black and grey realistic tattooing, and geometric work. I will still be accepting some smaller work when time permits.



 Due to limited availability and an overwhelming number of requests, i may not be able to fulfill all requests. Between my tattooing schedule, business ownership responsibilities, convention travel and family life my time is extremely limited.

Thank you for your understanding.

                       -Dan Bertram 

Marble Surface

Consultation Request

To request consultation, please take the time to read the booking information provided on this page, then fill out the information below.